Thursday, 2 February 2012

5 projects

Please see following our initial 5 projects where we can utilise your 
Managers for a win win work.

Project 001 

Synopsis :  Apart from the  already mentioned services, 
we regularly provide HR Advice on the following:

Hiring of New Pilots [ Type rates and Non Type Rated ]
Training  of New Pilots on A - 320 & B 737  [ Type Rating ]
Aviation HR Services
Interview skills - for interviewers and interviewees [ Type rates and Non Type Rated ]
Negotiation skills focussing on negotiations with employee representatives
Employment law for Airlines staff
Employment Letters for Airlines  Staff
HR Issues for Airlines  Staff

Project 002

Synopsis :  
Air Campus will offer the following JAA type rating courses:

1.      B737NG Type Rating Course
2.      B737NG Multi Crew Cooperation Course
3.      B737NG Combined Multi Crew Cooperation and Type Rating Course
4.      A320 Type Rating Course
5.      A320 Entry Level Training and Jet Conversion Course
6.      A320 Combined Entry Level Training / MCC / Type Rating Cours
7.      Aviation English language courses and testing
8.      JAR-OPS courses: Dangerous goods, RVSM, MNPS, ETOPS, Low Visibility

Project 003  [ Beta ] 

Synopsis :  
We will offer the following Aviation NEWS  :
And take Interview from Senior Pilots and Airlines CEOs

Australian Airlines NEWS 
Asian Aviation NEWS 
Africa Aviation NEWS 
Canadian Aviation NEWS 
Philippines Aviation NEWS 
Aviation NEWS Hong Kong 
Aviation NEWS USA 
UK Aviation NEWS 
UAE Airlines NEWS 
NewZealand Aviation NEWS 
USSR Aviation NEWS 
Singapore Aviation NEWS

Project 004  [ NGO ]  

Synopsis :  

Everybody has dreamt once of becoming a Pilot during their childhood 
and few are able to make it possible. Becoming a Pilot takes lot of pain 
and labour, as it is one of the most prestigious Professions one can dream of 
and take the challenge to achieve it. However, a career as a 
Pilot is an option that will allows undertaking a passion on a daily basis, with the 
added bonus of earning a more than reasonable salary from doing what 
you love. 
Pilot Training
The main three things you need to successfully complete flight training 
are passion, ambition and desire. 
Every year more then 6000 Indian students studying basic Pilot training in abroad
Our aim is to help only 1000 Student Pilots in next 3 year for Pilot Training 
in one of the best Air Transport Association of Canada [ ATAC ] member 
Flight Training School to trained them. Canadian Aviation qualifications are 
internationally recognized Excellent services set-up specifically to help 
international student Pilots. Its a micro mission of Govt of Canada. 

===============================================  [ Beta ]  
The Air Aviator is run by all Pilots virtual Air charter Services. 
Only Place where you can find Safe N Best Aircrafts with US / Canada
Trained Pilots.  Asia's 1st & Only virtual Air Charter Services. Not yet 
started its operations.  
Only on a trial basis started operations in MP with 2 single engine
10 seater C 208 Airplane with a team of more then 20 USA trained Pilots. 
who all are giving their services for very nominal CTC due to recession in Airlines
industry. Its a very low cost, no frill win win b2b and b2c business model. 


Apart from above projects we have so many other projects too,
which you can choose.